Terms of Use for the Kaps Platform:

1. Scope: These terms of use govern the use of the Kaps platform ("Platform"). By registering and using the Platform, the user fully accepts these terms.

2. Purpose of the Platform: The Kaps platform is solely for the purpose of exchanging and discussing blockchain topics. Any content not serving this purpose will be removed. Violations of this rule may result in warnings or, in case of repetition without prior notice, immediate deletion of the user account.

3. Moderation: The platform is moderated to ensure that all content adheres to the principles and goals. Moderators reserve the right to delete content and admonish or ban users for violations of the terms of use.

4. Errors and Issues: As the platform is in the testing phase, errors or issues may arise. We strive to address these as quickly as possible. Users are encouraged to report any issues to the support team for prompt resolution.

5. Privacy: User data is treated in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. Users are advised to carefully read the privacy policy.

6. Disclaimer: The platform operators disclaim any liability for damages resulting from the use of the platform. Use is at your own risk.

7. Changes to the Terms of Use: The platform operators reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time. Users will be informed of changes, and it is their responsibility to regularly check for updates.

8. Account and Content Deletion: In cases of serious violations of these terms of use, the platform operators reserve the right to delete user accounts and all associated content without further notice and without the right of revocation.